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Welcome to sena studio

I’m a branding expert with an eye for stunning design. I’ll help you transform your business, attract the right audience and increase your revenue using strategic branding + web design.

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I help businesses & entrepreneurs turn followers to clients and connect to their audience using effective branding + web design.




Together, we can build a seamless online experience for your customers. Using stunning design + targeted brand strategy, I’ll help you attract the right customers, achieve your business goals and increase your profitability.


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Let’s face it...

No one wants to work with a business that doesn’t look good. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if your visuals are poor, they’re probably scaring off valuable customers. In today's climate, every business needs to stand out from the crowd to be successful.

My passion is to help people like you achieve their goals of having a thriving business. With a solution based approach to design, I can create a tailored brand identity that will make your business shine!

So how can I help? Well…what exactly do all successful businesses have in common? A strong, recognisable brand. Beautiful visuals paired with a smart branding strategy will help you to attract your audience and convert them into paying customers.


Instagram & Blog Planner


A planner designed to help you manage your content creation and stay consistent, especially when you have creative block!

Yearly Goal Planner


Manage your goals and stay consistent throughout the year with this fully editable 12 month planner.

Ultimate Branding Checklist


The ultimate checklist to help you understand how to implement branding and gain clarity for your new business.



Let’s collaborate & build a strong online identity for your business.



I’ll help you discover your brand’s personality, and create an actionable plan that conveys a consistent message to your audience. Using a data and design driven approach, I’ll help you set long and short term goals that will show you how to tap into and become an established presence in your market.



I believe that every successful business should have a unique brand identity. I’ll provide you with the visuals to help you build your reputation, stand out from your competition and project your message to help you attract your ideal customer.




Tired of website envy? I’ll work with you to build a mobile friendly website that can help you show your audience what you do and how well you do it. I’ll build you a sleek, minimal, SEO optimised website that will convey your branding and help you to stand out on the web.

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