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3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Squarespace Template

Squarespace is a great platform that offers a multitude of flexible templates. It may seem easier to just pick one and run with it, but there are so many things to consider before committing to any template.

Think outside the box

Just because your company fits a template in a certain category doesn’t mean that it’ll be the best template for your brand. Consider the overall look and feel of the template. If you’re frustrated and really not sure, consider working with a web designer who can help you streamline this process.

Learn the differences

Understanding the way that the templates work and are categorised will make things much easier if you ever decide to change your template. Squarespace have created a very useful guide which looks at the differences, similarities and features of each template in detail, which leads me onto my next point..

Have a good think about features and functionality

Go back to basics and think about the reason that you want a website. Is it to advertise your services? Do you need an e-commerce site to sell products? Are you a blogger trying to attract brands? Knowing exactly why you need a website will help you to determine how potential customers will use your site. Think about your audience and what type of websites they would be attracted to, and then decide if this fits your vision of your own site. If you’re really stuck, doing a bit of background research into common features on other websites in your field can be a great start.

Need help with choosing a template and getting your website up? We can save you the stress and hassle by doing it for you.  Get in touch with us to see how we can help.